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Supplementary Planning Documents 

Wakefield Urban Design Framework 

We worked with Wakefield Metropolitan District Council to produce a Design Framework is to promote, support, and help establish quality places for living, working and playing within Wakefield City Centre. It aims to ensure that the urban grain of the City Centre is enhanced and developed through attractive public spaces, upgraded streets, thoughtful soft and hard landscape design, and creative thinking around place.

The document first looks at the Wakefield City Centre as a whole, through a select number of overall strategies, and then concentrates on specific sites from the Central Wakefield Area Action Plan (CWAAP). The guidance provides a starting point and overall vision based on well-founded placemaking principles, and the ongoing work undertaken by Wakefield Council. The aim has been to promote opportunities for innovative and high quality spaces within the city that are rooted in a holistic vision for Wakefield.


Wakefield Residential Design Guide 

In 2015 we began work on a new Residential Design Guide (RDG) for Wakefield. The previous guide has been in use for many years. The new RDG will help steer planning officers, developers, councillors and other stakeholders into ensuring that future housing in Wakefield is of the highest quality and will encourage new approaches to dealing with the design of new development.

It is crucial the design of a new development is considered very early in the development process – bringing designs to the table at a later stage will often only lead to some small improvements, but discussions beginning at pre-application stage about design will provide the most positive opportunities for improvements. This guide is intended, if well applied, to help steer planning officers, developers, and councillors into ensuring that the future housing of Wakefield is the best possible that can be delivered.