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Cottingham Neighbourhood Plan 

Cottingham Neighbourhood Plan has been produced over the course of three years to ensure that future development in the large village of Cottingham, East Riding of Yorkshire has the maximum benefit to its distinctive local character and embeds the aspirations of local residents. Cottingham’s sense of identity is underpinned by being known as the largest village in England. Dating from Anglo Saxon times the village has many historic attributes and a rural character that is enjoyed and celebrated by its 17,000+ residents. 

For this reason the local community was initially reluctant to agree to any new development as they were worried about losing the village feel and identity. However, they were keen to provide a strong steer on future development which would shape the nature of development according to community aspirations.

Through working openly with all stakeholders we were able to turn residents’ concern into positive discussions focussed on site attributes and the benefits that well-considered development can bring.


This Neighbourhood Plan, with its design guide, is intended to reflect the aspirations of the local community such that new developments should not only be well designed, but also that they recognise and reflect the village context and vernacular, (though not via pastiche), and ensure that the future shape and look of the new housing accord with both the past and present. The end result is a truly original Plan which takes the future of Cottingham in a community-led direction. 

In September 2017 Integreat Plus was highly commended at the RTPI Yorkshire Award for Planning Excellence.