Integreat Plus is supporting Todmorden Town Council

Integreat Plus is supporting Todmorden Town Council in the production of their Neighbourhood Plan. As part of the engagement process we recently ran a number of targeted workshops aimed at developing a vision for the town and to raise levels of inclusion and participation.

In July we held a workshop with Town Councillors aimed at developing a strong and aspirational vision to guide the Neighbourhood Plan and its content. Councillors engaged with a series activities and case studies with a DIY focus to imagine how Todmorden can address current and future challenges and to build upon its strengths.

Building on this we ran a workshop focusing on accessibility and disabilities looking at the issues, challenges and barriers people in Todmorden face. This enabled us to gain a better understanding of how the Neighbourhood Plan can address localised approaches to accessibility and disabilities. These issues will be firmly embedded throughout the Neighbourhood Plan and form an essential part of the policies and the overarching vision for the town.

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